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Ford & Cosworth Unveil Ken Block’s Latest Ride

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It is possible to transform any car into a World Rally contender, all it takes is time & $$$. The task is easier if you begin with a car that was designed to dominate: The Cosworth Escort. The English racing company was founded by Lotus employees who loved powerful engines. And over the years, Cosworth has helped almost every manufacturer along the way. Being that they have 176 victories in Formula 1, Hoonigan Racing decided on a mid 90’s Cosworth Focus Group-A race car. In the press release, Ken mentioned he has owned the car for years, and he is happy to be reunited.

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While he will still compete in some RallyCross events, Block will return to the World Racing Championship. This year’s race in Spain will be his first WRC event since the same event in 2014. Other Hoonigan drivers will continue to field the Focus RS RX around the world. This season also marks another collaboration with Death Spray Custom for the graphics found on the Escort and Ken’s race suit. We wish him and all the drivers a Hoonigan Racing a safe & successful season, so stay with us for all your Ford Performance news.

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