Five New C-Class Models Expand Mercedes-Benz’s Pricing

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As luxury manufacturers around the world are experiencing record-breaking sales and expanding their ranges and lineups, Mercedes-Benz has, arguably, been leading the charge.

In a press release from the German manufacturer today, we’ve learned that their C-Class will be expanded even further. These five new models will be bringing some of the lowest prices that, relative to the times, the brand has ever advertised.

“With immediate effect five new models have been added to the C-Class range, which at its launch a year ago set new standards in the premium executive segment,” describes the release, stating that both Saloon and Estate variants will be available for each model. All five boast the sporty styling and luxurious reliability that have come to define Mercedes-Benz’s vehicles, as well as the consistent high-performance of their engines.

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The C 160 Saloon has become the newest entry-level model for the C-Class, featuring a price of €31,683.75, or approximately $34,150 USD. The four-cylinder engine doesn’t produce a level of power to write home about, but 129 hp and 154 ft-lb will certainly get you to and from work without any hassle.

The top of the range model is the new Mercedes-AMG C 63 S, sporting a V8 engine capable of 510 hp and an impressive 516 lb-ft. Of course, with such a significant increase in power over the C 160 Saloon, there’s also a significant increase in price; the top-tier V8 will run at a cost of €84,371, or approximately $92,028 USD.

Be sure to visit the Mercedes-Benz website to learn about these new expansions to their C-Class lineup, and in the meantime, find yourself the perfect Benz from our exclusive listings below.


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(Source: Daimler Media)

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