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First Review of the Bugatti Chiron

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The Bugatti Chiron hasn’t even started being delivered to customers as of today, but Carfection managed to get their hands on one for the first full review on the hypercar.

During the testing of the car, Carfection had absolutely nothing but nice things to say about the car. Everything seemed to be perfect, including its design, sound, power, and handling. I must say, when they recorded the exhaust of the Chiron revving, my heart fluttered, because that is one lovely sound.

An interesting point that was made in the review was that even though this car may be heavy, weighing in at around 4,400 lbs, it’s drive is still very manageable and refined.

In closing, the reviewer said: “Chiron is unlike anything else I’ve been lucky enough to drive. Bugatti has raised the bar yet again, and frankly, I may never be the same.”

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