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First Production Ford Mustang Coupe Heading To Auction

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If you are looking for investment grade automobiles, Dana Mecum and Company have a knack for finding irreplaceable cars. It took many years to find the first production Ford Mustang, and the convertible now resides in the Henry Ford Museum. But the first coupe (VIN 002) was among the 121,000+ cars built in the first year, making the search like a needle in a haystack. Ford knew they had a hit on their hands, so the first cars were rushed to dealers. April 17, 1964, was the public unveiling at the World’s Fair in New York, so Ford’s top dealers needed to have a showroom example to land the first orders.

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As we’re well aware, mistakes happen when shipping cars, so instead of going to a domestic dealership, the first Mustang coupe was banished to the Arctic cold of Whitehorse, in the Yukon Territory.  Since the Mustang was based on the lowly Falcon, many early cars used many of the same parts. Under the hood was a 170 ci straight six engine backed by a three-speed manual. Drum brakes at all corners are hidden by the massive 13″ wheels, but that is how the base model Mustang was able to offer decent performance at a bargain price. We wish Ford would make A/C and power windows optional again. Remember when cars were light and fun?

If you need a new centerpiece for your stable, this Caspian Blue coupe will be the main event of Mecum’s 30th Anniversary Auction. Taking place May 16-21st, the Indiana State Fairground will see many classics find new owners.

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