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First Footage Of Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Venet In Action

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Back in 2012, Bugatti unveiled the Veyron Grand Sport Venet, a special edition vehicle that blends beauty and science. In order to do this, Bugatti teamed up with French artist Bernar Venet to create one of the most interesting themes I’ve seen on a hypercar. On the exterior are orange equations and formulas that seem to tear away across a black body. Out of all of the special edition Veyrons, this has to be my favorite. But, until now, no one has seen the car that looks like it’s in motion while parked actually in motion.

Capture by Carspotter Jeroen in Amsterdam The Netherlands. He told us in an email that it came from a Dutch Bugatti dealer for the purpose of being present for a Bugatti Chiron presentation. He then went on to say that this footage may be the first of its kind, showing the Venet edition from all angles and actually showing it in motion.

Check it out below!