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Ferrari 225E has ‘New Lease on Life’ After Fire Damage

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Nearly two years ago, an Argentinean collector brought his 1952 Ferrari 225E to Maranello for rehabilitation. At some point, when the car changed hands after an impressive racing history, the car became a victim of an intense fire that caused extensive damage. Though the engine was completely salvageable, attempts to restore the body in the 1980s saw no success.


Still, a flicker of hope surfaced thanks to the car’s current owner, who “commissioned Ferrari Classiche to do the reconstruction of the interior and a full restoration of the car,” according to a Ferrari press release. The owner wanted to car completely restored, and as such, no surface went untouched.


Because paperwork documenting the original interior had been lost, the team at Maranello spent much time and resources researching early 1950’s Ferraris to make sure that the new interior was as true to the car’s history as possible. Complete restoration of the vehicle took approximately two years to complete.The 225E is now back on the road and looking as good as ever.