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Final Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet Auctioned by Bonham’s

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Auctions can be a tricky place for collector cars. The first and last examples of significant cars will either disappear into mediocrity or get the crowds into a bidding frenzy. One of the most popular ways to bring the big money is to give the proceeds to a worthy cause. That is what Mercedes-Maybach did for the last G650 Landaulet.

We couldn’t believe they would build such an extravagant SUV in the first place, but #99 was the final build. Each one is based on the G650, with a twin-turbo V12 sending power to three locking differentials. Your driver is partitioned in a 2-seat cockpit, while rear recliners and and a convertible top are perfect for dignitaries or celebrities. Something of this magnitude could not be left to a coachbuilder, so every G650 Landaulet was hand built at the G-Wagen assembly plant in Austria.

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The retail price for the luxury SUV is around $740,000 because of the time and proprietary parts needed to build them. As the last one was approaching the auction block, the manager of the G Series manager Gunnar Güthenke said:  “It is a sought-after vehicle as it is forever reinventing itself – and yet remains true to its origins. It was and always will be unmistakably a G-Class, while at the same time offering plenty of opportunities for individual wishes. Our exclusive Landaulet model is the best example of this.”

It rides on the long wheelbase of the 6×6, with the same portal axles used on the G63 4×4 Squared. Leather and boost combined for a hammer price of over $1.4 Million. Proceeds went to Laureus Sport for Good. The worldwide registered charity supports over 100 local sports programs in 40 countries. Their goal is to get kids involved early to keep them off the streets. Kudos to them and Bonhams for allowing this unique SUV to help the less fortunate.

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