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Ferrari of Houston & Ferrari of The Woodlands: The Perfect One-Two Combination

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Presented by Ferrari of Houston

If you are looking for an Italian exotic in East Texas, you have two choices. Ferrari of Houston, or Ferrari of The Woodlands. Both locations have their own unique clientele, but they are one dedicated team under the leadership of Guiseppe Risi. Buying a Ferrari is a good investment, especially if you buy it from George Foreman. No, not the boxing legend, his son George Foreman IV.

Ferrari of Houston: Your One-Stop Ferrari Shop

Humble is a small town on the Northside of Houston, and that is where the Foreman children were raised. It is there that their father taught them humility, as the family struggled to make ends meet. Their father retired in 1977, and they were forced to sell much of their estate to put food on the table. But after his comeback in 1987, he taught his 5 sons how to invest in cars. While he was home for the summer, George IV was sent around the country looking for cars his father was interested in. He learned the art of negotiation and how to research every mechanical and aesthetic detail before making a deal.

It was helping to build his father’s collection that made him pursue an automotive career. But of all the cars he has seen, nothing compares to Ferrari. His passion for the brand is based on the fact that 70 years is a long run for building the perfect automobile. His favorite example is the 70th Anniversary California T. It represents a dedication to history along with incredible power. Now that the Portofino has arrived, he is enjoying the challenge of transitioning his customers into the latest model. Having an Atelier room at each location allows George to satisfy his clients by building their own Ferrari.

Because of the unprecedented success of the downtown store, Maranello granted them the freedom to make Ferrari of the Woodlands a truly unique location. The owner of both stores is Giuseppe Risi, who also owns Risi Competizione. The Woodlands focuses on Ferrari’s racing history while also displaying multiple Team Wins and Drivers’ Championships.

The race team is intertwined with salespeople, and it makes for a fun & competitive atmosphere. When a Challenge car is sold, the owner must be fitted for their fire suit, and it is cause for celebration among the employees. Being able to show drivers just how capable their cars are, driver training at Circuit of the Americas is an option for every customer.

With plenty of comfy seating, their lounges are a great place to watch the live streams of Ferrari races from around the world.

Because their customers are taught to treat their cars as an heirloom, they have significant repeat business from trade-ins. That is why their Ferrari Approved pre-owned & certified pre-owned sales have outperformed many other Ferrari dealers. Mr. Foreman likes to be on the cutting edge of technology, and he said the Lusso T bridges the gap between practicality and power. Many owners use them as daily drivers, without worry of problems that plague lesser brands. It has the performance of a twin-turbo V8, but the boost is only injected when needed. Everyone should have an AWD 600 hp Ferrari with room for 4 adults.

Value Your Trade-In Here

George learned business and cars from the lives and the legacies of boxing’s greatest generation. Carrying this lifetime of knowledge into the showroom has clearly influenced both locations. The team has learned to anticipate their client’s needs while fostering a relationship that keeps them coming back. And it is this innate desire to be the best, that is what allows Ferrari of Houston and Ferrari of The Woodlands to keep every other dealer on the ropes.

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