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Ferrari Unveils 2 More Anniversary Models

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Ferrari is celebrating their 70th anniversary in many ways, but we’re here to talk about their special edition models that honor the milestone. The Italian automaker is maker 70 different models that honor classic Ferraris, drawing visual cues from the cars of the past. Recently, Ferrari unveiled two more out of the 350 total limited edition Tailor-Made 70 Style Icons. Unveiled at a Lunar New Year Gala Dinner in Indonesia. One of the models was a Ferrari California T that was inspired by the classic 410 Superamerica. Painted in Bianco Italia white and Blu Abu Dhabi, this model has a very “icy” appearance. Its interior continues the color scheme with Blue Medio Soul Leather, Black leather and white piping. The other model was a 488 GTB inspired by the FXX Pachetto Evoluzione, a Ferrari that dons Rosso Corsa body with Bianco Avus accents.

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