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Introducing Ken Block’s New Ride, Painted By Felipe Pantone

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If you value the time and talent required to transform spray paint into a masterpiece, you might like what Hoonigan has done with Ken Block’s latest Ford Focus.

Argentinian artist Felipe Pantone is known for his bold style that combines geometric elements and psychedelic color contrasts. Using the outside world as his canvas, his work can be easily identified in major cities around the world. The precision and dexterity required for this art form are not unlike the skills needed to drift an AWD rally car through a city.

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Perhaps that is why Hoonigan chose to take everyone behind the scenes with Felipe to see how his works are created. Felipe created several new pieces in a virtual setting before transferring them to canvas at Hoonigan’s Long Beach headquarters. Because the rally cars endure such abuse, the artwork is printed on vinyl and wrapped to the body. Mr. Block has a knack for adding an inch of melted rubber behind each wheel, so wrapping the cars is a much easier solution for the team and the artist. We look forward to seeing these cars in action, so stay tuned to Autofluence for more Hoonigan Racing updates.