“Fast 8” Movie Poster Revealed by Vin Diesel

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Last year,  Fast and Furious 7 (pictured above) had the biggest April opening of any movie ever, showing that interest in the series hadn’t waivered. Riding on the momentum, Universal is set to continue the franchise  with another installment, called Fast 8.

The news broke thanks to an Instagram post by none other that Vin Diesel where he featured a teaser poster for the new film. You can check out the post below.

The release date is slated for April 2017. A plot, cast and more information haven’t been released as of yet. For those wondering if there will be more after the eighth installment, know that this is one of the three installments we have been expecting. A reported total of ten “Fast and Furious” movies are slated for production as of now.

Check back with us for more news on Fast 8 as it comes available.