Falcon F7: An American Supercar

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If you aren’t familiar with Falcon Motorsports and you live in America, it’s about time you become acquainted.

Falcon Motorsports is located in Holly, Michigan, very near Detroit, the birthplace of the automotive industry. Founded in 2009, they have been working on perfecting the American supercar through the production of the Falcon F7. The F7 is a superlight supercar, weighing only 2,850 lbs thanks to carbon fiber body panels.


As far as power goes, this car is certainly not lacking. Powering the Falcon F7 is a 620 hp LS7 engine, which features Lingenfelter high performance components. However, Falcon also gives their customers the option of an even more powerful version capable of churning out 1,100 hp to its wheels.

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The base 620 hp Falcon F7 has a great track record, too. A quarter mile run can be completed by the F7 in just 10.9 seconds, and can get from 0-60 mph in 3.3-3.6 seconds. If you keep the throttle open even after you hit 60 mph, you will end up with a top speed of around 190-200 mph.


Falcon Motor Sports is offering the F7 with a starting price of $295,000, but the price may increase up to $395,000+, depending on selected options.

Bloomberg recently had the chance to visit Falcon’s factory in Michigan and sit down with Jeff Lemke, CEO of Falcon Motorsports. Their visit was uploaded in a May 18 YouTube video and can be seen above. Be sure to watch it to learn more about one of the greatest American supercars on the roads today.
(Source: Bloomberg News / YouTube)