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Entire Leicester City Team Given Blue BMW i8

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According to Leicester Mercury, the entire Leicester City roster has been given a BMW i8 for winning the Premier League. The cars come from their chairman, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, who spent a rumored £2 million (approx. $2,600,000 USD) on the gifts.

Why the massive gift? The Leicester City Foxes did the unthinkable last year and won one of the most coveted titles in soccer. Having just been brought into the English Premier League, nobody expected the team to come out on top, but they proved the world wrong.

What makes the gift even better is the fact that each car is finished in blue, matching the team’s color. AND the team also gets  £6.5 million to split among themselves, courtesy of a bonus agreement from the Premier League.

The team definitely deserves all the gifts they get, because their 2015-2016 season was a fairy tale to say the least. And now it’s not too long before the next season starts back up again!

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