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Electric E-Wazuma Quad Has More Torque Than A BMW M2

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Normally, unless an all-electric vehicle bears the Tesla name, not much is said about it in the industry. Electric vehicles rarely catch the attention of speed and power enthusiasts, but all that’s changing rapidly.

From a small, boutique automaker located in a small French village in Geneva, comes the E-Wazuma. No ordinary quad, this highly advanced electric machine pumps 361-lb-ft of torque, which is more than some well-known cars. We’re looking at you Audi A3, BMW M2 and Porsche Boxter S.


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Surprising as it may sound, the E-Wazuma’s impressive specs are the work of Lazareth. The French boutique automaker has never shied away from a challenge and has created some pretty powerful quad vehicles including the Maserati LM 847, which boasts V8 power and 470 horsepower.

As for the E-Wazuma which is the result of a collaboration of Lazareth and French company, NTN-SNR, the vehicle is powered by two 30 KW-wheel motors , which are mounted in the rear wheels and a 500-volt electric battery. The motor is responsible for producing a modest 80 horsepower, but the 361 lb-ft torque makes up for it. In their press release, NTN-SNR asserts the E-Wazuma boasts great acceleration and handling. The electric tricycle is a prototype, according to the Lazareth website, so no pricing or release dates are mentioned, but Lazareth doesn’t deny this could be a production model at some point.

Stay tuned! We’ll reveal more info as it comes available.

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