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Electric Corvette Sets Land Speed Record

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Battery powered cars and top speed racing are usually never referred to in the same sentence, but innovation in electric conversions is happening at a shocking pace. We heard rumors of an electric Corvette Z06 last year, but now it has been confirmed. In a press release last week, Autoblog announced that the Genovation GXE has set a new land speed record.

Our friend Johnny Bohmer is a brilliant driver and holds numerous records. That’s why NASA allows him to use the Shuttle Landing Facility for high speed runs. The International Mile Racing Association (IMRA) was on hand to sanction the run, which resulted in a battery powered C6 Z06 reaching 186.8 mph.

Power comes from a 44 kw/h battery pack that is rated to return a minimum range of 130 miles. This incredible range is made possible by using the Corvette’s factory six speed manual transmission in lieu of direct drive. Most electric cars ditch the transmission in favor of a fixed gear reduction. Genovation’s novel approach locates the electric motor in the same location as the V8. This provides a very low center of gravity, contributing to high speed stability.

If you need the fastest street legal electric car, the GXE starts at $330,000. If your 1997 to 2013 Corvette could use a heart transplant, the conversion starts at $290,000. Considering that most new electric cars have up to 90 kw batteries, breaking the land speed record using only 44 kilowatts is nothing short of remarkable. This level of innovation will force the automakers to refine their designs at a faster pace. Stay tuned to Autofluence for all your land speed racing and electric car news.

Check out the GXE in action below: