Dyson is Developing an Electric Car

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Pulling from their expertise in battery powered products and mass production, it appears as if James Dyson and his team are in the beginning stages of building an electric car.

The Guardian has a keen eye for finding important news from sources normally overlooked, and their recent quote from the National Infrastructure Delivery Plan outlines the project. Dyson has received the equivalent of $245 million in subsidies by the United Kingdom. Riding high from record profits, Dyson recently purchased their battery supplier in October, with Sir James announcing a breakthrough in storage capacity.

Mass production of household electronics doesn’t exactly translate to automobiles, but the two industries were previously more interconnected. Ford’s Philco division manufactured TVs, stereos and fridges in order to compete with GM’s Fridigaire appliances. Tesla’s upcoming Powerwall will allow you sell unused energy back to the power company, and Mercedes is developing a similar device.

Great Britain has gone to great lengths to keep their auto industry afloat, so we hope Dyson’s efforts won’t result in another DeLorean. Stay tuned to Autofluence for more electrifying news.