duPont REGISTRY Cars & Coffee: November 2019

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We work between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. If you have ever experienced unpredictable weather, we got you beat. Nevertheless, nothing except a hurricane has ever canceled our monthly gathering. While we had two displays at the Tampa Auto Show, our devoted fans arrived before dawn.

What began as a humid morning allowed dew to form on even the best of paint jobs. That’s why our dealers kept some cars idling to prevent condensation. Many of our regular muscle car fans stayed home, but it was a good turnout from exotics.

We have to thank Dimmitt (McLaren, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Rolls-Royce & Aston Martin), Elder Ford, Paddock1, Bert Smith and everyone else who helps make this show possible. Hopefully, next month will be clear and warm. So, we’ll see you in December!