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duPont REGISTRY Cars & Coffee: March 2019

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“Beware the Ides of March”. We were careful last Friday, as it has been 2,063 years since Julius Caesar was taken out by the Senate. Thankfully our attention to detail averted a “brutal” scene, and Saturday morning offered beautiful weather. The “Rides of March” included newly completed winter projects, many wild 4WD rigs, and a sparkling new Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

Photo by Michael Brs
Photo by Michael Brs

The weather forecast called for morning showers, and they finally arrived today…

Photo by Michael Brs
Photo by Michael Brs

It was such a nice morning that the LaFerrari made a rare appearance outside the showroom. We are on a quest to become a greener company, not just for St Patrick’s day.

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Our guests were pleased to see our showroom is now lit by LED. The diffusers and a warmer color temperature make photography much easier. Usually, it is a tough decision to choose the Car of the Month, but a stunning white Ford GT could not be ignored. Not only is it brand new, it is one of the limited edition Carbon Series. Tell us your favorite car of the show and we’ll see you next month