duPont REGISTRY Passes 1 Million Likes on Facebook

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Headquartered in Tampa Bay, Internationally Known Publisher Joins The Ranks of Exclusive Social Media Club

For over 27 years, the duPont REGISTRY has transported readers into an international fantasy world of automotive luxury. And just in time for the holidays, those readers are now returning the favor with over 1 million likes on Facebook. A number that is more than just marginally significant when you consider that the average company can only boast a mere 7,429 in comparison. (Source:

“The duPont REGISTRY has always had some of the most passionate car enthusiasts’ readers and now, more than a million fans of our automotive title are following us on Facebook,” said Thomas L. duPont, Chairman and Publisher for the duPont REGISTRY. “Our facebook page has a very high engagement rate because we challenge our fans to prove their knowledge of luxury, exotic, and collectible automobiles. Facebook users can show off how “car savvy” they are against other fans, and that is something we know they love to do,” duPont continued.

“Originally launched in Florida in 1985, it took only a few years for the duPont REGISTRY to advance to the national stage. By 1995, there were readers in all 50 states and 52 foreign countries. That international base of readers propelled the launch of to the top of the charts in web traffic early on when Netscape was still the most popular internet browser. This recent passing of 1 Million fans on Facebook confirms what we already knew, the love of all things luxury, exotic and collectible is alive and well! We’re gratified just to play our small part in this phenomenon that social media brings to the marketplace,” said Steven B. Chapman, co-founder and CEO. From the very start, the folks at the duPont REGISTRY have lived by a simple credo: “When you advertise in the duPont REGISTRY, you will reach readers with millions, not millions of readers.” Well, now they can say both. 

The duPont REGISTRY, founded in 1985, is the premier marketplace for luxury automobiles worldwide and can be found in print at select newsstands and online at Its headquarters are located at 3051 Tech Drive, St. Petersburg, FL 33716. 1-800-233-1731.