Dubai’s Police Seize 81 Vehicles For High-Speeds In One Weekend

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Dubai is known for fast cars and reckless abandon, which means the police force needs a little more than just a Ford for high-speed chases. Over the weekend, the Dubai police seized a total of 81 vehicles for reckless driving.

We’re going to assume the Dubai police used their supercar fleet to catch all the culprits, since most of the cars seized were really, really fast.

Street racing, which has always posed an issue for Dubai’s roadways, is becoming increasingly more popular among Dubai’s youth, particularly in the wealth Gulf emirate region. Media reports state drivers were clocked at up to 186 mph, some of which were driving without headlights on or number plates. In Dubai, those participating in illegal street racing must pay fines up to $27,000. When it comes to bikes, illegal racing poses a $13,600 fine. And those figures are just for the drivers. If the driver isn’t the owner of the vehicle, another $13,000 will have to be paid by the owner before the vehicle is released.

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Owners of the seized vehicles must come to pay their fines and collect their cars withing three months or the police department has the authority to sell the vehicles. Pretty sure I wouldn’t want to be the parent that owned one of the seized vehicles right about now…