The Dubai Roadster

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It seems as though the automotive world will see yet another new car emerging from Dubai and, like the others Dubai-born cars before it, it will boast a unique architecture of its own. This new car will be the Dubai Roadster, and while the car’s redering displays 2020 Dubai Expo stickers, we may only have to wait until 2015 to see the official unveiling of a real-life model. Either way, we will be drooling over the renderings until we have the chance to drive one.

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The exterior of the car, shown in the renderings with a dark brown finish with gold trim, can be expected to be built from the lightest materials on the market, which will surely include copious amounts of carbon fiber. While exact details have yet to be confirmed, an Apr. 23 article from states that the car will weigh less than 1,700 lbs and host a large V8 engine that could produce 400 bhp.

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The Dubai Roadster will compete with KTM X-Bow and BAC Mono, and will, without a doubt, be a hit with aftermarket tuners. With an incredible blend of styling, light-weight body, great performance and high-end technology, the new supercar will surely be taking the streets by storm. We look forward to learning more as we get closer to its release.


(Source: WorldCarFans)