Dubai Police Add Gibbs Quadski to Fleet

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The Dubai police force is no stranger to acquiring vehicles that are a tad over the top. From their Bugatti Veyron, to their BRABUS G63S-700, they are prepared for just about any chase.

While their current fleet has focused mainly on the street, they recently added a new vehicle that can travel on both land and sea. According to an article published today by BoldRide, the Dubai police force have added a Gibbs Quadski to their fleet.

The Quadski is a 140 hp amphibious vehicle that can travel on land as an all-terain vehicle, but can manuveur across the water like a personal watercraft. These vehicles can travel at speeds up to 45 mph on both land and water.

The official and verified Twitter account for the Dubai Police Department, @DubaiPoliceHQ, announced the addition to their fleet on Oct. 1 with a photo of the Quadski next to an impressive speed boat.

has added Quadski to its marine fleet.

– Dubai Police Department (@DubaiPoliceHQ) Oct. 1, 2014

With this addition, the Dubai police force is really making it impossible for any criminals to make a getaway.

For more information on the Quadski, be sure to visit:

(Source: BoldRide, @GSMxFactory / Twitter)