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The Dubai Lifestyle: Insane Supercars and Lavish Luxury

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Exotic animals, gorgeous views, amazing supercars, lavish parties and an insanely luxurious lifestyle are just a few of the things that come to mind when Dubai is mentioned. The gorgeous Middle Eastern region is so entangled with all things affluent, making it a hub for supercar fans and owners. In fact, the region is so ripe with high performance vehicles that its police force is equipped with its own supercar lineup. Pepper Yandell, and automotive photographer based out of Dallas, TX recently had the opportunity to take his work over to Dubai, and lucky for us, he documented his incredible trip to share with the world. Capture

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If you’ve never experienced the Dubai lifestyle, let’s just say it’s something to put on the bucket list. For now though, you can check out the video below as Yandell treks across the U.A.E., Bharain and Oman. It’s a visual compilation of everyday happenings in Dubai. Rare, amazing vehicles, vibrant parties, exotic animals and breathtaking views color every scene. Check it out below.