Dodge Viper T/A vs Corvette Z06

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It was inevitable that a new Corvette Z06 would find itself at the drag strip pitted against its arch rival, the Dodge Viper T/A. was at Palm Beach International Raceway and caught these two in the staging lanes.

The Viper’s V10 makes 645 HP and 600 lb-ft, while the Z06 is rated at 650/650, respectively. In the video of this race, which was uploaded to YouTube Jan. 10, the Viper executes a flawless launch while the Z06 erupts with axle hop. Their reaction times are almost equal, with the Viper at 2.20 versus the Z06 at 2.24. These are both competitive numbers for manual transmission cars.

Both cars have independent rear suspensions, which are great on a road course but a real handful when drag racing. Listen closely and you can hear the Corvette’s driver back out and gradually reapply power. Here is where the difference in torque becomes evident. Thanks to some slick shifting, the Z06 reels in the Viper, decimating it with an 11.75 against the Viper’s 12.17.

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Trap speeds are close, with the Corvette at 124.3 mph to the Viper’s 122.9. Even with a botched launch, the Corvette’s power advantage is easy to see. With all due respect, the Viper is capable of a faster time. The driver probably took it easy once he noticed his opponent’s launch.

Bench racing is not our specialty, so we request a rematch. Both cars on drag radials with a proper burnout and the outcome might be different. Stay tuned to Autofluence in case there’s a round 2 in the future.

(Source: YouTube via Road & Track)

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