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Dodge Teases the 2018 Challenger Demon, More Powerful Than Hellcat

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If you are growing bored of your Hellcat, Dodge has something even more powerful for the New York Auto Show. In a YouTube video uploaded this morning, an evil creature is seen escaping from a cage. A hellish cat undergoes a metamorphosis to unleash an inner Demon, who summons SRT fans to a new landing page. The first of a dozen scheduled videos, each one has a countdown clock ticking away until the formal reveal. With much of the US in the depths of winter, April seems far away. But we can already feel the heat. Maybe this signals an increase of displacement. Who wouldn’t want to see the return of the 426 HEMI? Sending that power to the ground will require massive tires, so check out the flared fenders!

Teaser From SRT

A soundtrack of Fuel by Metallica is appropriate, given the Hellcat’s 1/2″ fuel lines. Engineers at the SRT division shocked the world with 707 reliable horsepower from a supercharged 6.2 liter HEMI V8. We know it is capable of more because our friend John Hennessey added twin turbos to build the HPE1000. With a name as irreverent as Demon, we pray for more details of the beast. Domestic but not domesticated is their tag line, and fans have embraced the ability to be bad. On the bright side, if the Demon is a significant increase in power, expect to find very competitive pricing on used Hellcats. And you know where to find them! Stay with us for more demonic updates.

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