Detroit Electric Reignites Brand

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Detroit Electric, one of the country’s first companies to ever focus on production of an electric vehicle, may have been quiet for the past few years, but they are back and fully recharged. A press release issued by the company Oct. 16, along with a striking video posted to both their website’s homepage and YouTube channel, has announced that the brand identity of Detroit Electric is new, and sparking into life.

“As the preparations for the introduction of its SP:01 electric sports car cather momentum, global EV manufacturer Detroit Electric has revealed a bold new identity and provided a hint of the infal exterior design of the company’s new vehicle,” the release states.


This hint comes in the aforementioned video. A bundle of electric charges seem to shoot through an abyss, coming together over deep baritone notes into the form of what we can assume to be the SP:01. As the bolts form the car, we can see the headlights, tires, roof and doors coming together, and then taking off. We get a quick glimpse of the rear as the bolts fade and a full vehicle is left behind, one with aggressive styling, a low spoiler and a back that could match the Veneno for aesthetics.

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But with all of the recent interest in electric vehicles, it’s interesting to note that Detroit Electric has been on this bandwagon since cars were a thing. In fact, you could even say that the EV bandwagon is most likely from Detroit Electric. As their website describes, “In the early 1900s combustion engine cars were unreliable and dirty. Electric vehicles could be charged at home and used in an instant, and so became the vehicle of choice. William C. Anderson manufactured the first Detroit Electric in 1906.”

Will the car made from pure electricity and a new brand identity push Detroit Electric back up to the top of American EV manufacturers? With Teslas continued success and Fisker also looking at a brand revival, we’ll just have to wait and see.

(Source: Detroit Electric)