Confederate Motorcycles X132 Hellcat

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Confederate Motorcycles was founded in 1991 by Matthew Chambers. This Birmingham based company built its first factory in New Orleans, Louisiana. By 1994 they had produced their first bike, a first generation Hellcat. From 1996-2001, 500 first generation Hellcats were produced. Rougher times came in 2001 when Confederate Motorcycles went bankrupt. However, the resilience of this company prevailed when just two years later in 2003, the company re-opened its doors. In 2003 Confederate Motorcycles produced a total of 75 second generation Hellcats. Hurricane Katrina caused the company to relocate their production site from New Orleans to Alabama in 2006. These unique and reliable bikes have achieved some impressive honors over the years. In 2009 Confederate Motors brought two of their bikes to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The B120 Wraith and the F131 Hellcat took first and second place in the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building Show. This is an impressive accolade considering the standard of excellence set by bike builder who attend Sturgis.



The newest Hellcat, the X132 Hellcat, has some of the most impressive specs the motorcycle world has ever seen. This quote from the Wallstreet Journal explains the bike in the simplest way possible, “Perfect…That’s what this bike is.” Let’s take a look at this American masterpiece. The engine is nothing short of impressive. The X132 Copperhead is a 132 cubic inch, 56° Fuel Injected V-Twin; 4.4” Bore x 4.4” Stroke; One-piece Forged Crank; Journal Bearing Design. It cranks out some serious power to say the least. The transmission is a Confederate patented 5-Speed Close Ratio model. Confederate Motorcycles has given this bike a custom Marzocchi RAC 50mm suspension in the front and a custom Race Tech Coil-Over-Shock suspension in the rear. The unitized case fits the standard set by the rest of this bike. It’s made of Machined 6061 Aircraft-Grade Billet Aluminum. With 150 foot pounds of torque and 132 horsepower, this bike might actually take flight. This solid piece of metal weighs 500 pounds, causing it to effortlessly grip the road for the most sensational riding experience. Priced at $55,000 this bike is available for order at A $10,000 deposit is required before your order can be replaced.


Confederate Motorcycles puts the American determination and standard of perfection into every bike they build. The newest addition to the Hellcat line, the X132, has managed to surpass even their own models making it one of the most prized motorcycles in the world. If motorcycles are your passion, you really can’t go wrong with this bike.