Checker, Maker of Iconic Classic Taxi Cabs, Announces 2 New Models

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Like a Phoenix erupting from the ashes, one of the most well recognized names in transportation is making a return to the road. In a Sept. 30 press release, Checker Motor Cars, the manufacturer behind the iconic American taxi cabs of yesteryear, announced two new models.


Their last production model, the Marathon, was discontinued after the 1982 model year. Used almost universally by taxi and airport shuttle services, they featured incredibly rugged construction and remained relatively unchanged throughout their 22 year run.

The first of their new models will be a sport pick-up crossover. It will have a truck bed blended with their new sedan for the ultimate in utility, with an appearance similar to the classic El Camino.

Their next model will be a six-door Aerobus VI named the A888. Four rows of seating are accessed by four standard doors and two oversized rear doors. The third row will also fold flat for spacious rear legroom or cargo. Another welcomed surprise in the release is that the body is being configured for V8 power and all wheel drive.

These two new Checkers will arrive with 120v inverters, composite body panels and all modern conveniences. As soon as more details become available, you will find them here at Autofluence.

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(Source: Checker Motor Cars)

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