The Capable, Comfortable, Beastly US Specialty Rhino GX

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The guys from YouTube channel The Smoking Tire took the US Specialty Rhino GX out to the middle of nowhere to show what the armored steel powerhouse was made of.

Even though the Rhino GX is considerably heavier than the average SUV, it is quite agile and handles well. Even in soft sand, the vehicle easily adjusts to any road condition and steering is a breeze. The guys in the video hit the throttle in soft sand that would probably make another vehicle’s wheels dig in and get stuck, but not the Rhino GX.

Additionally, the Rhino GX has a towing capability of 12,000 lbs, take steep hills like a champ and make it through intense flood waters thanks to its 38″ tires and four-wheel drive. Donuts? Absolutely. Through it all, the ride remains relatively smooth and comfortable.

Check out the full video to see the Rhino GX in action, and don’t forget, you can get yours today.

US Specialty Rhino GXs for Sale