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Cadillac Unveils 2018 CTS-V Glacier Metallic Edition

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Next year, Cadillac will celebrate 115 years as “The Standard Of The World”. Henry Leland was a machinist and gun maker who was asked to help liquidate a failed automotive company. The Henry Ford Company was Ford’s first attempt at building his own car, and it didn’t succeed. Leland saw the potential and decided to buy the leftovers and start his own company. Cadillac would make him a wealthy man, and he sold it to General Motors. A few years later, he started Lincoln, which was ironically purchased by Henry Ford. Over a century later, Lincoln and Cadillac are still going at it.

Our Take on the CTS-V

Back to the anniversary celebration, Cadillac announced a special CTS-V in a press release. The Glacier Metallic Edition will be limited to 115 cars, each one finished in an appealing smoky gray exterior. Red Brembo calipers and black Recaro buckets are standard equipment, along with a 2-day course at the V Performance School at Spring Mountain Raceway. All the most desirable features are also onboard, including the carbon fiber package and the luxury package.

Floyd Mayweather’s New Koenigsegg

This means every example will have a panoramic sunroof, tri-zone climate control, and the Performance Data Recorder. Enthusiasts have also found hidden software in the recorder. After recording your hot laps onto an SD card, you will be given a link to download software from Cosworth. It gives you the ability to monitor every aspect of your engine, from supercharger temps to fuel trims. Polished 19″ wheels are also specific to this edition, and it all adds up to $103,885. If you need 640 horsepower and 630 lb-ft of torque, click below to search CTS V for sale and stay with us for more Cadillac updates.

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