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Cadillac Will Teach ATS-V and CTS-V Owners How to Properly Drive

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Owning a powerful car without having the skills to control it makes for a useless purchase. When the Cadillac V series began in 2004, owners were given a handshake and an owner’s manual, but no instruction on how to push the big sedan to its limits. I have spent four years of trial and error (and tires) to learn the capabilities of ’04 V, so I’m glad Cadillac has stepped up for new buyers.

To help customers get the most from their 2017 ATS-V or CTS-V, a two day training course will be offered. The V-Performance Academy will be held at Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club, with ground transportation provided to the airport in Las Vegas. A two night stay includes breakfast and lunch at the longest road course in the US. Our recent experiences in both V models were an overload in performance features, and Chief Engineer Brandon Vivian explained why: “The V-Series are the most-track capable Cadillac models ever, using exclusive technologies tuned by a select group of dedicated engineers,” 

The Performance Traction Management system on the V series has a myriad of settings for wet, dry, and race modes. Under its control are the transmission shift points, stability system, power steering, magnetic suspension, electronic differential and throttle response. Of course the system can be turned off if you want to do it all yourself, but we found it comforting to have such a competent copilot. The response of each component can be fine tuned to your liking, so what better way to dial in your car than on a race track. If Nevada is too far away, a one day V-Performance Lab will be travelling to a track near you. Our dealers have more information on the program, so check out these V series cars from our dealers below.

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