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Bugatti’s Grand Tour Of South America

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As the Northern Hemishpere cools off for the Winter, Bugatti has offered their wealthy clientele a tour of the southern latitudes. Argentina has a rich motoring history, with names like Pur Sang and Horacio Pagani calling it home. With a climate not unlike the Mediterranian, Argentina has close ties to Europe.

Bugattis Drifting In The Woods

That is why ten Veyrons embarked on a tour unlike any other. Headed by Pharmaceutical Magnate Alejandro Roemmers, they headed east from Santiago, Chile across the Andes mountains. Patagonia is one of the most picturesque and remote areas of the world, so thankfully they brought enough fuel and supplies behind them. In an image uploaded by Autoblog Argentina, Bugatti says their Grand Tour will be an annual gathering unlike any other. My invitation was probably lost in the mail, so enjoy the images and stay with us for all your Bugatti updates.

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