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Bugatti Veyron vs Rimac Concept One

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In the near future, electric hypercars might spell the end of cars powered by fuel alone. Concept One by Rimac makes use of one Megawatt of -battery power and four electric motors for serious performance. The front pair have a single speed gear reduction built into the motors, but the rears have an innovative two-speedd dual clutch gearbox on each side. Torque vectoring is the process of delivering more power to the outer wheels while cornering. In normal cars this is done at the differential or by the brake rotors, but either way it involves a mechanical connection. Since the Concept One has independent control of power at each wheel, their version of torque vectoring is accomplished instantly by the motor itself.

At a full charge, the system offers 1,088 hp and 1,180 lb-ft of torque to the pavement. To show off the potency of the design, Rimac’s chief test driver Miro Zrncevic took to a closed course against a Bugatti Veyron. Riding shotgun is William Herbert, the 18th Earl of Pembroke. His car collection knows no bounds, so perhaps he sees a Rimac as his next acquisition. The opponent is almost evenly matched, with the Veyron Super Sport offering 1,100 lb-ft of torque and 1,200 metric horsepower. Bugatti has a weight advantage of 30 lbs, but that is insignificant at these levels of power. The world needs more thousand horsepower cars, so we hope Rimac brings the concept one to its fruition. In the meantime we have a few Veyrons to choose from, so click on the link below and stay with us for more wild comparisons.

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