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Bugatti Chiron Revs Hard In Vienna (Turn Up Your Volume)

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Engine designers from around the world gathered in Vienna over the weekend to show off their latest efforts. A majority of the show is dedicated to making passenger car engines more efficient, but high-performance models were also welcomed.

In order to showcase one of the most complex and powerful production engines, Bugatti arrived early last week with a new Chiron. Supercars of Austria had a front row seat to the car’s unloading and uploaded some great cold start footage to their YouTube page. The Chiron fires off almost immediately thanks to having multiple cylinders on their power stroke at the same time.

To put this into perspective, your four-cylinder needs to make a complete revolution or more before starting since it only fires one cylinder at a time. In theory, the W16 engine found in the Chiron should be able to fire off within only a few degrees of rotation. Instead of beginning with the boring drum cadence of a four-cylinder, Chiron springs to life like the first note of a symphony orchestra. Cold starts are hard on any engine, let alone one with so many moving parts; so turn up your volume to appreciate the precision of Bugatti’s latest achievement.

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