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Bugatti Chiron Debuts in Singapore

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Bugatti’s newest hypercar, the Chiron, is in them middle of it’s world tour and just recently, it made a stop in Singapore for its South-East Asia debut. This marks the third stop after Europe and North America. The car has been shown to private buyers in exclusive appointment-only settings, and it has now officially made it’s public debut in the region. Chiron will also be on display this weekend for the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix.

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The South-East Asian market is an important one for Bugatti as there are many collectors and brand ambassadors in the area. Their debuting the Chiron in the area gives insight into just how important the region’s market is. In conjunction with East Asian brand, Wearnes Automotive, Bugatti was able to create a Chiron-centered presentation. Interactive in design, the presentation, “focuses on exhibits and animations highlighting the extraordinary technical achievements and the elegant and aggressive design of the super sports car as well as the history of the brand,” according to a Bugatti press release.

“It is truly the world’s most powerful, fastest, most luxurious and most exclusive production super sports car, and we are honoured to showcase the actual car for the very first time in Asia to an exclusive group of customers and guests here.”

The South-East Asian region was happy to receive the Chiron, and it’s easy to understand why. As stated by Pang Cheong Yan, Managing Director of the Prestige Division of Wearnes Automotive Pte Ltd.


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