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Bombshell Betty: 1952 Buick Riviera Land Speed Record Car For Sale

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We don’t get many land speed record holders on our website, so allow us to share with you a six-time class champion. In 2013, Betty went 165.735 mph and clocked her fastest time, ever. And now in 2016, she’s up for sale.

Choosing to go fast in a vintage style, artist and racer Jeff Brock bored a 320ci Buick Straight 8 engine to 324ci which is fed by 2 (TWO) Quick Fuel 750 four-barrels. The body was “Frankensteined” by changing every surface for aerodynamic advantage. Leaving the body in bare steel is a slap in the face to all other competitors, as the salt they speed over causes terrible rust on cars & equipment. The interior is also bare steel.  A vintage Borg-Warner T-10 four-speed sends power to a 2.73 differential, which was sourced from a Thunderbird.

  • Bombshell_Betty_Side_view_with_Hood
  • Bombshell_Betty_iso_view_with_Hood
  • Bombshell_Betty_iso_view_no_Hood
  • Bombshell_Betty_Engine
  • Bombshell_Betty_Interior
  • Bombshell_Betty_Rear_view_no_Hood

Arias pistons have an 11:1 compression, and they work with a Comp cam to give her a bad attitude at low speeds. One seat and a digital fuel ratio gauge are all you need. Everyone has that one friend that would drive something like this, and you get a ton of fabrication work for the price. Stay tuned for more vintage racers.

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