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BMW X4: Old vs New

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It seems like only yesterday that BMW introduced the X4. One of their most popular SUVs, it began rolling off the assembly line for the 2015 model year. While it is sold around the world in left and right-hand drive versions, every example has been assembled by skilled Americans in Greer, South Carolina.

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It has been so successful that a new version has arrived for 2019. Although it looks like a normal midlife refresh, BMW changed every line and contour inside and out. In order to highlight the differences to the public, they uploaded a great comparison video to YouTube. BMW knows their customer is a highly technical driver, a person interested in even the smallest details. The main selling points are improved aerodynamics, interior comfort, and of course- more power! Our dealers are ready to help you, so click the link below and stay with us for all your BMW news.

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