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BMW Unveils Concept X2 in Paris

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Auto shows are a great way to test new designs. While it might be easier to test the waters in a less conspicuous market, BMW chose the Paris Auto Show to unveil their new Concept X2. The home of Haute Couture, anything debuted in this city is either loved or hated by the zealous press. And just when you’d seen enough compact crossovers, BMW took the cover off the new Concept X2.

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Sedans are going the way of the station wagon thanks to the utility and style offered in this segment. Hatchbacks have more versatility than a trunk, but at the expense of rear visibility. BMW’s X Series have been shining examples of how to build attractive & useful utility vehicles. Styling on the X2 is more aggressive than its siblings, with prominent air intakes up front and brushed aluminum trim. Two-tone 21″ wheels make it appear larger than it is, and the flared fenders might foreshadow an off road edition. Tell us what features should make it to production, or what should go back to the drawing board in the comments below. And stay with us for more coverage of the Paris Auto Show.

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