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BMW Teases A New Z4 Ahead of Monterey Unveiling

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August 17th will be a historic day for BMW fans. A new Z4 will be revealed, and we have a good idea of what it will look like thanks to their Facebook page. No matter where you are in the world, everyone seems to have fond feelings for the Z Series cars. They have endured the test of time thanks to being overbuilt and more reliable than their competitors. The Z3 and Z4 have cult-like status among Bavarian enthusiasts, with many considering it the “Miata from Munich”.  The biggest news surrounding the new car is that it is the product of co-development with Toyota. Their version of the car will also be reviving an amazing name: Supra.

2018 Toyota Supra Testing At The ‘Ring

You read that right, the beast from the east is back. The Supra has been on hiatus since 1998 when they shifted performance cars to the Lexus lineup. We saw a prototype testing at the ‘Ring almost a year ago, so both cars are probably ready to launch. BMW’s teasers allude to a targa roof coupe, and other spy shots have shown a rag top model. It sounds like an M4, using straight six power to feed dual turbos. Each turbo only handles three cylinders, giving it a distinctive soundtrack. Rumors suggest a turbo-four in the base model with the option for manual or dual-clutch transmissions. History has a nice way of repeating itself, so our wait is almost over. The previous Z4 is a great way to enjoy a proper roadster, so check out these examples from our dealers. Stay with us for more exciting details from BMW and Toyota.