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BMW: Largest M Delivery Of All Time 34,000 Horsepower

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If you choose to have your BMW delivered at the factory, the BMW Welt in Munich is your next destination. Usually the deliveries are of the more normal production models, but last month was a milestone. In a record-setting move, one day was set aside for performance-minded customers, and 73 new Bavarian masterpieces met their new owners. Of those new cars, 45 were the new BMW M4 GTS.

The BMW Welt (BMW World) is a futuristic customer interaction center located on the grounds of company headquarters. Adjacent to their museum, it has interactive displays of cars and motorcycles, meeting spaces for special events, and even a restaurant. Rarely do customers get to meet the engineers and employees who built their car, so we’re glad a film crew was on hand for the occasion. Be sure to check in with our main site, as you will undoubtedly see a few of these M’s for sale in the near future.

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