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BMW i8 Convertible Spied at the Ring

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Duct tape and prototype cars seem to be inseparable, so BMW has used the wonder adhesive to camouflage the new i8 convertible. Spotted by Gumbal at the annual Industrypool testing sessions, this new hybrid is ready for top-down cruising. Because the car is built around a one piece carbon fiber cockpit, significant reinforcements are needed to meet roll over crash safety requirements.

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While its unclear if this is a folding hardtop or simply a removable targa roof, this new model appears just as potent on the track. The i8 is powered by a rear-mounted 1.5L turbo three cylinder and an electric motor powers the front axles. Total output is 357 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque, which outclasses almost every other plug-in hybrid. BMW has a knack for giving their chassis just the right amount of power. Capable of cruising on battery power for over 10 miles, i8 is a sensible choice for a daily driver. Stay with us for the formal unveiling in the near future.

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