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BMW Group Announces Record Sales For 2017

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It is lucky number 7 for the brands of BMW Group. For the 7th consecutive year, they have recorded ever-increasing annual sales. The core brands of BMW and MINI were the big winners, but the M Division and BMW i also had record numbers. For those who prefer two-wheel action, BMW Motorrad sold a record number of bikes.

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BMW’s core brands are split between cars and the BMW X series of SUVs. Cars saw a 4.2% increase, and the American-built X series is up by 9.6% from 2016. The launch of the innovative 5 Series Sedan with its carbon composite structure saw a jump of 6.3%.

The press release also contained shocking news. BMW set a goal of selling 100,00 electrified cars for the year. Sales of the i Series along with the electric MINI models combined for a total of 103,080 cars. If you haven’t driven an i8, you are truly missing out. The future is here, and it can be found at your local dealer. This achievement has spurred them to aim for over half-million examples on the road by the end of 2019.

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Not to be outdone by voltage, the M Division also ended the year on a high note. One caveat is the M Performance versions are tallied along with the M2, M3, M4, etc. Sales are up by 19.1%, which is attributed to the first full model year of the M2 along with M Performance versions of the new 5 Series.  Tell us which BMW piques your interest in the comments below, and stay with us for all your BMW news.