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BMW Considers M Performance Versions of i3 and i8

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If you need more vitamin M, BMW’s performance division is looking to become a global force in performance cars. In an interview with, Vice President of sales Peter Quintus has alluded to expanding the lineup into the i Series cars. Purists will decry a dilution of the venerated M badge, but who wouldn’t like more power? Not known for jumping into unproven technologies, BMW  takes ample time ensuring the quality of their engineering before it is unleashed to the public. Case in point, we have been teased with the M2 for years and the waiting list keeps growing. He then went on to say that all of the building blocks are in place for electricity to become a part of the M Brand, but weight will need to be kept to a minimum.

As the Ultimate Driving Machine, the best power to weight ratio is still achieved with traditional performance builds. Using the lessons learned on the 7 Series, the use of carbon fiber will be limited to smaller components along with aluminum and steel. Big changes to the popular models could alienate a dedicated customer base, or this could be an elaborate disinformation campaign to keep the competition in the dark. The i8 is a quick coupe that is capable of 28 mpg on a bad day, so an M version might tarnish its clean reputation. On the other hand, the boxy i3 could use a few hundred additional horses to be the ultimate sleeper. Battery boosted Bavarians could be in the works, so stay with us for all your BMW news.

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