BMW 8 Series Prototypes Testing In Italy
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BMW 8 Series Prototypes Testing In Italy

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Italians head to the ‘Ring to break records, and the Germans are testing their new models in Italy. In order to build the Ultimate Driving Machine, BMW announced the 8 Series is in the final stages of testing. A teaser silhouette was uploaded to social media earlier, and it was accompanied by a press release. A private track outside of Aprilla is home to Bavarian engineers who are hard at work calibrating the various systems and beating the snot of the test cars.

BMW M8 GTE In Final Testing For Daytona

These are big shoes to fill because technology has made giant advancements since the last 8 Series was built. This new car will make us forget about 1999, and Y2K, and it’s quirky V12 engine. In an unorthodox move, the first 8 Series to reach the USA is already in Daytona. The M8 GTE is preparing to battle it out at the Rolex 24. It will hopefully give us a better idea of the production car, which is slated to arrive later this year. Tell us what you think it will have under the hood, and stay with us for all your BMW updates.

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