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BMW 7 Series & New Features Teased

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When BMW first introduced the i8 Sept. 10, 2013, they were essentially introducing the future of supercar technology. A powerful hybrid vehicle that made heavy use of carbon fiber, it showcased the new directions for design and technology that BMW wants to follow, and in a series of camouflaged shots and a short video, they are introducing the next step toward those directions.

The newest model from the marque is the 7 Series, as an April 17 press release and April 18 YouTube upload tell us. This newest model takes the efficiency and beauty of the i8’s design and bring it to the brand’s core while also introducing the newest features to be found in their cars.

bmw-7series-042715- (74)

“At BMW there is a strong belief that the best way to predict the future is to create it,” says Presenter Chris Brow in the video, which you can watch above. If this is what the future is set to look like, then we’re even more excited than before.

The key features unveiled in the 7 Series come in the form of a new key, updated display controls, remote control parking and a heavy infusion of carbon fiber in design. The key, which is more of a fob than an actual key, includes an LCD display screen that grants access to the vehicle’s basic control systems. You can lock, unlock, start, stop and back the car up through remote control parking, all without even opening the door.

bmw-7series-042715- (2)

Remote control parking is one of the more exciting features, which enables a type of autonomous driving as the 7 Series backs itself in or out of the garage. Combine this with the gesture control and touch screen capabilities of the dashboard’s infotainment systems, and this really is the car of the future.

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Be sure to check out the video above and the camouflaged images below to get a good look at this new release from BMW, and stay with us for more updates about this model as they are released.

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(Source: BMW, YouTube)

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