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New BMW 7 Series Has World’s Most Powerful Six-Cylinder Diesel Engine

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Pulling out all the stops for the launch of their flagship sedan, BMW rolled out the latest generation 7 Series loaded with innovations. The world’s first full size carbon fiber sedan offers a unique approach to meet ever tightening emissions regulations: more turbochargers. A new 3.0-liter straight six diesel takes BMW’s lauded TwinPower technology to the next level by adding another pair of sequential turbos.


The common fuel rail has a maximum pressure of 2,500 bar or 36,250 psi. This allows the new 750d to be rated at 49.6 mpg thanks to having 560 lb-ft of torque. A run to 62 mph only takes 4.6 seconds thanks to having boost available in almost every situation. Engine output has been increased by 5% while reducing emissions by 11%.

In typical BMW fashion, a press release dives deep into the engineering and mechanical details of the new system. The two low-pressure turbos and one of the high-pressure units are always spinning to allow for smooth power and efficiency, while the other high-pressure turbo lies waiting for a signal from the driver’s right foot. Exhaust gas recirculation between the low and high-pressure turbines allows them to respond immediately to changing throttle conditions.

In summary, we really want to experience a featherweight big sedan with more torque than most semi trucks. No mention was made if the diesel version will make it to the US, but if it does you will see it here first.

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