Bloodhound SSC Aims To Reach Mach 1.4

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RAF Commander Andy Green has held the land speed record since he went supersonic in 1997. He drove the Thrust SSC across the Black Rock Desert at 714 mph. The late Steve Fossett knew that a faster car could be built, given enough engineering time. His untimely passing hasn’t slowed the pace at Team Bloodhound SSC.

A new goal has been set. Their target is Mach 1.4, or only 1000 mph. To provide a frame of reference, this is faster than the top speed of the B1 bomber in full afterburner. The best fighter pilot in Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force will be given command of the fastest land vehicle ever built. Carfection uploaded this to their YouTube page on the 21st, and it has gone viral among fans of top speed racing. In the video, Commander Green describes how training in a Radical gave him a feel for controlling a car at such speeds.

To help support their efforts, Jaguar is supplying a few AWD 5.5L Supercharged F-Types (automatic trans) as team support cars that are capable of being stable across the salt flats. Power for the Bloodhound SSC will be from three engines. The low speed engine will be a prototype from the Eurofighter that was otherwise going on display in the RAF museum. It will power the car to 300 mph, at which point a hybrid rocket ignites. This will push him past the Sound Barrier on his way to 1,000 mph. Acting as an Auxiliary Power Unit, the third engine is the supercharged Jaguar/Land Rover 5.5L V8 which is used to power the hydraulics and electrical systems. Yes, it is also the same V8 found in both Jaguar and Land Rover SVR models.

We at the duPont REGISTRY wish Team Bloodhound the best of luck. Stay tuned to Autofluence for updates.