Behind the Scenes: Wheel Repair & Fitting

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Automotive enthusiasts know that your car’s wheels should be taken care of, along with everything else. And why wouldn’t you take care of the only thing touching the ground you drive on? Larry Kosilla knows that wheels need to be in tip-top shape and that is why he took in his Porsche 964 to Proformance Industries in NYC to have his wheels inspected./DRIVE put together this video showcasing the wheel repair process and what it takes to make the fixes. From scratches and dents to disfiguration, they go over it all.

Here is the 4-step process Proformance Industries uses to repair each wheel:

    1. Visual inspection – Spun on a spindle, the inspector can notice any imperfection or bends. 
    2. Straighten bent rim – Wheel is spun on a spindle and heated. The wheel is manipulated while hot in order to reshape the wheel back to OEM specs. 
    3. Strip the wheel – The wheel is dipped into a tank full of stripping solution. 
    4. Powder coating – Where the process is completed by topping off the wheel with a fresh powder coat. 

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 In the video they also go over proper wheel fitment and what you should measure in order to get the best fitting wheels, because rubbing wheels are never fun. Unfortunately, Larry’s rims were too far gone and had to be replaced with a new set. Check it all out below.