AutoStorm Premium Car Care Products

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Why spend hundreds of dollars restoring your vehicle when deterioration could have been prevented by a regular cleaning regiment?

When you wash your car, you’re not only enhancing it’s appearance, but also protecting your investment. Every vehicle is both a time and financial investment, especially if you are driving around a classic, luxury or exotic car.

Like any investment, your car deserves the best protection available, and that is where top-of-the-line car care products come in. AutoStorm has a line of products that won’t just bring out a car’s shine, but also ensure that the exterior is protected from the elements.

Below are AutoStorm’s car care products, all available for purchase right now.


AutoStorm Quick Detailer

A car’s exterior is what draws the eye, and a properly maintained exterior helps maintain a car’s value. AutoStorm’s Quick Detailer product is a technologically advanced formula that draws from groundbreaking developments in modern chemistry. The specialized ingredients bring unparalled clarity, intensity and shine to your car’s exterior surface.

High reflective polymers in the Quick Detailer form an ultra-thin protective coat that bonds to the paint sealnt or wax finish in order to give your car a smooth finish. Lubricating oils wrap around dirt and dust to prevent scratching as contaminants are wiped from the paint.

Most cars can be misted and buffed with the Quick Detailer in less than five minutes, but that five minutes will have your car looking like you labored all day long.

BUY NOW – $14.99



AutoStorm Wheel Cleaner

Wheels can be expensive to replace, especially if you have unique aftermarket ones. This is why you should also ensure that your wheels are cleaned with the most delicate effective solution available, such as AutoStorm’s Wheel Cleaner.

This water-based solution replaces the outdated acid and petroleum distillate-based products normally used. It uses emulsifiers that capture dirt, brake dust, grease and road grime on the wheels, which can then be wiped away without scratching or damaging even the most delicate and expensive wheels.

BUY NOW – $12.99



AutoStorm Tire Gel

Tires connect your car to the road, making them a priority in car care. AutoStorm’s Tire gel not only leaves your tires with a gloss finish, but also protects them. The Tire Gel does not rely on butyls or alcohols, which can dry out your tires.  Instead, this gel bonds to the rubber for long-lasting protection thanks to nano-tech super polymers and deep conditioning agents.

BUY NOW – $13.49

AutoStorm also offers a Wheel & Tire Kit, Car Car Kit and accessories that can be used with these car care solutions. To view all that AutoStorm has to offer, click here.