Aussies Create Bumblebee Camaro Limo

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Once in a while I come across an inbred vehicle that makes me sit back and say to myself, “why?”

Today’s “why?” comes all the way from Australia where Showtime Limos stretched out a Bumblebee Camaro. The Transformers theme is seen throughout the car itself – I can’t complain about this considering I have an Autobots tattoo.  Lamborghini-style doors are included in the front, while gullwing doors are used in the back.

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I will say that the interior is badass, but once again, that is just my inner-nerd talking and I am only excited about the Transformers theme. It seems like they have have gone a bit overboard with the neons and strobes.

The real question is, if this were a Transformer, how freakin’ lanky would it be?